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Siteseen Ltd is a UK. based international publisher of free educational websites covering a range of subjects, predominantly focussing on history related content. Our websites are designed for both younger and older students, up to college and university level. Information is presented in easy, consistent and logical formats that enable fast access to relevant, unique facts and data.

Many of our websites are further enhanced by the addition of unique graphics and articles are often supplemented with videos that have been designed to increase the enjoyment and interest of students and make the learning process even easier. Where appropriate alternate sites have been designed to accommodate the limited screen size found on modern smart phones. We have also published  both printed and electronic books for those who enjoy more conventional learning techniques.

Various teaching techniques are employed to enhance knowledge retention including the emphasis of key points, visual impact via pictures, the use of sound via our videos and fun quiz games using repetition techniques.

Siteseen Limited has extensive experience in publishing websites and our authors have been cited by highly respected sources including schools, colleges, universities, U.S. and U.K. examination boards and Wikipedia.


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Dream InterpretationDream Interpretation

The content of this unusual website provides a comprehensive Dream Interpretation Dictionary which includes details and information about the meaning of different types of dreams and their possible interpretations.

Author Linda Alchin

Bridal Shower IdeasBridal Shower Ideas

Ideas on everything needed for a successful Bridal Shower. A Comprehensive Bridal Shower Guide absolutely crammed full of useful ideas, hints and tips.

Author Linda Alchin

Funny QuotesFunny Quotes

Great humorous quotations to brighten your day!.

Author Linda Alchin

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Trial By TriviaTrial By Trivia

These mind bending questions will test your general knowledge and your powers of deduction while the use of a multi choice format allows everyone to join in!.

Author Linda Alchin

Baby Shower IdeasBaby Shower Ideas

Ideas about everything you need to do to create a successful Baby Shower party. A Complete Baby Shower Guide absolutely crammed full of useful ideas, hints and tips.

Author Linda Alchin

Whilst we continuously strive to improve our websites they will never truly be finished, history and science are continuously re-written as new evidence is discovered and made public. As much of the world's history was initially written by the victors of strife, there is always a tendency for them to minimise the negative and exaggerate the positive in their historical records, sometimes the real truth will unfortunately never be known. We try to keep our sites as close as possible to the educational requirements and beliefs of today to best benefit students in their studies. Should you find a mistake on any of our websites please let us know - If we agree, we will correct the error within days so that all users of the site can benefit from your diligence.

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