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Siteseen Ltd is a UK. based international publisher of free educational websites covering a range of subjects, predominantly focussing on history related content. Our websites are designed for both younger and older students, up to college and university level. Information is presented in easy, consistent and logical formats that enable fast access to relevant, unique facts and data.

Many of our websites are further enhanced by the addition of unique graphics and articles are often supplemented with videos that have been designed to increase the enjoyment and interest of students and make the learning process even easier. Where appropriate alternate sites have been designed to accommodate the limited screen size found on modern smart phones. We have also published  both printed and electronic books for those who enjoy more conventional learning techniques.

Various teaching techniques are employed to enhance knowledge retention including the emphasis of key points, visual impact via pictures, the use of sound via our videos and fun quiz games using repetition techniques.

Siteseen Limited has extensive experience in publishing websites and our authors have been cited by highly respected sources including schools, colleges, universities, U.S. and U.K. examination boards and Wikipedia.


 Siteseen Limited's General Education WebsitesGeneral Education
Latin NumbersLatin

This simple guide to the translation of Latin numbers and Roman numerals will increase your Latin vocabulary and help you learn the words in the language associated with numbers and numerals. Although the language is ancient we still use it in our modern world.

Latin Numbers

Examples Help!Examples

A large database of samples and specimens will simplify any task from writing, studying English Grammar or punctuation to understanding difficult literary terms including Alliteration, Metaphor, Allegory, Oxymoron, Onomatopoeia and Simile.

Examples Help!

Famous Poetry OnlineFamous Poetry Online

A famous poetry resource providing the best and most famous poems by the World's most popular Great Poets.

Famous Poetry Online

Romantic PoemsRomantic Poems

A popular selection of romantic love poems for your loved one or for special occasions like Valentine's Day or a birthday.

Romantic Poems

Samples Help!Samples Help!

Our sample letters site provides good standard templates that ensure a proper business letter format and also wording that will convey professionalism. It's easily possible to change the wording on the templates to suit specific needs.

Samples Help!

Poetic TerminologyPoetic Terminology

Explanations of all the different poetry and literary terms can be found on this site together with many examples of the different styles and kinds of poetry in common usage.

Poetic Terminology


This diamonds website has been designed to provide facts and information about the most beautiful and dazzling stones in the World. A comprehensive and unbiased guide to diamonds and their origins.

William Shakespeare QuotesWilliam Shakespeare Quotes

A site detailing William Shakespeare's famous quotes. Quotations covered include quotes about Life, Love, Hate, Music, Education, War Trauma, Deception, Betrayal, Death and Revenge.

Fun FactsFun Facts

An educational website featuring a collection of fun and useful facts compiled with the younger visitors needs in mind.

Love PoemsLove Poems

A comprehensive resource dedicated to providing the Biographies, Pictures and famous Poems of the best known Poets.

The Globe TheatreThe Globe Theatre

A comprehensive educational website detailing the history of William Shakespeare's famous Elizabethan  "Globe" theatre.

Famous QuotesFamous

A website featuring quotes by famous people including politicians such as Sir Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and President John F. Kennedy.

Latin PhrasesLatin Phrases

The content of this website provides the user with a fast, easy guide to the translation of Latin Phrases and Sayings into English and lists popular Latin quotes, expressions, mottos and Latin Legal terms.

The Periodic TableThe Periodic

What is the Periodic table? It is a chart containing rows and columns used primarily by chemists arranging the chemical elements by the order of their atomic number so that elements with similar properties are in the same column. An ideal science and chemistry homework resource.

Flags and NationsFlags and

This website details the History and Geography of Nations and provides a fast snapshot of the evolution of each individual country as well as a unique overview of the Flags & Nations of the World.

Free PhotosFree Photos

Our Collection of 1000's of Photos are a great resource for students. Siteseen Ltd is the sole copyright holder unless otherwise stated. We are pleased to give our permission for the non-commercial use of our free photos, if you follow our fair conditions of use.

William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare

Suitable for those studying GCSE Shakespeare working on William Shakespeare coursework or essays. Use the contents of this Site to research and write a Shakespeare essay or for background information for those in theatre performances acting in Shakespeare's plays.

Famous Speeches & Speech TopicsFamous
Speeches &
Speech Topics

This website includes extracts, passages or lines from speeches by famous speakers such as politicians, presidents, sportsmen, royalty and other influential people from many different walks of life and time periods.


Facts about...Facts about...

If you are searching for interesting and concise facts about our Environment, Animals, Geography, Religion, the human Body, the World, Science, Literature, Art, US Geography , United States History, American Presidents, General history then try this site!

Facts about Famous PeopleFacts about Famous People

Discover interesting facts and short biographies of famous people. Short summaries with quick fact sheets about the influential men and famous women whose names we are all familiar with.


An illustrated guide to the World's emigration laws and rules and regulations.

Push and Pull factors of Mexican MigrationPush and Pull Migration factors

This website will detail the various Push and Pull factors of Mexican Migration from past to present.

Whilst we continuously strive to improve our websites they will never truly be finished, history and science are continuously re-written as new evidence is discovered and made public. As much of the world's history was initially written by the victors of strife, there is always a tendency for them to minimise the negative and exaggerate the positive in their historical records, sometimes the real truth will unfortunately never be known. We try to keep our sites as close as possible to the educational requirements and beliefs of today to best benefit students in their studies. Should you find a mistake on any of our websites please let us know - If we agree, we will correct the error within days so that all users of the site can benefit from your diligence.

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