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Siteseen Ltd is a UK. based international publisher of free educational websites covering a range of subjects, predominantly focussing on history related content. Our websites are designed for both younger and older students, up to college and university level. Information is presented in easy, consistent and logical formats that enable fast access to relevant, unique facts and data.

Many of our websites are further enhanced by the addition of unique graphics and articles are often supplemented with videos that have been designed to increase the enjoyment and interest of students and make the learning process even easier. Where appropriate alternate sites have been designed to accommodate the limited screen size found on modern smart phones. We have also published  both printed and electronic books for those who enjoy more conventional learning techniques.

Various teaching techniques are employed to enhance knowledge retention including the emphasis of key points, visual impact via pictures, the use of sound via our videos and fun quiz games using repetition techniques.

Siteseen Limited has extensive experience in publishing websites and our authors have been cited by highly respected sources including schools, colleges, universities, U.S. and U.K. examination boards and Wikipedia.


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Liqueur Drink RecipesLiqueur Drink Recipes

Liqueurs are sweet alcoholic liquor drinks which are flavoured with a variety of different ingredients and come in a variety of different colors. This website has the recipes for well over a thousand different Liqueur Drink Recipes.

Breeds of Puppies and DogsBreeds of Puppies and Dogs

A guide to the different types of Breeds of Puppies and Dogs including photos and articles about dog grooming, dog training, dog care, dog exercise needs, dog illnesses and health problems.

Dog Symptoms and Canine HealthDog Symptoms
and Canine

When you are worried about your dog or puppies health it is wise to make general observations and a note of your dog's general well-being before considering a health issue and problem. What is the overall physical condition of your pet and its mental attitude?

Dog Names & BreedsDog Names &

This site reflects the scope of dog related facts and information available. Information is clearly presented and easy to navigate. The facts, information and pictures of the various dog names and breeds provides an interesting and illustrated educational resource for dog lovers of all ages.

Free PicturesFree Pictures

This Collection of 1000's of Photos are a great resource for students. Siteseen Ltd is the sole copyright holder unless otherwise stated. We are pleased to give our permission for the non-commercial use of our free photos, just follow our conditions of use.

Military AircraftMilitary

This Collection of Military Aircraft Photographs and data are a resource for students and are ideal for inclusion on Non Commercial Websites. Siteseen Ltd. is the sole copyright holder unless otherwise stated. Non-commercial free use of our content is encouraged subject to the terms of use.

Photographic HardwarePhotographic Hardware

This website is dedicated to the superb Nikon corporation cameras and equipment produced over the decades, often this equipment is the first choice of professional photographers.

Author Marcus Tidmarsh

Aesop's FablesAesop's

This website feature most of Aesop's Fables which date back to the 5th Century BC, many have passed into our culture as myths and legends and are used to teach moral values to young children.

Drink RecipesDrink

A site empowering the visitor to create famous and unusual Drinks from all around the world! Spanish, French, Mexican & Italian and numerous others.

Company Statements & SlogansCompany Statements
& Slogans

This site contains the description of companies, their slogans, mission statements and vision statements of the Companies which appear within the Fortune 500 company listings.

Nursery Rhyme HistoryNursery Rhyme History

The history and origins of most nursery rhymes reflect events in history and where available we have included both the meanings, history and origins of everyone's favourite nursery rhymes.

Baby NamesBaby Names

This website facilitates the mother or father of a new boy or girl, a member of the family or a close friend you are sharing in a major life event choose a special baby name from one of the thousands of boy and girl baby names that are available.


This site contains comprehensive information about Birthstones. An ideal resource if you are thinking of going to buy birthstone rings or birthstone jewellery.

Dog NamesTypes of Dogs

Information about various different types of dog breeds, it contains articles about all types of recognised dog breeds.

Who Invented the Technology Who Invented the Technology

facts, information and the history of the inventions that changed the world and our lives, and the stories of the famous men and women who were credited as the inventors of new innovations..

Whilst we continuously strive to improve our websites they will never truly be finished, history and science are continuously re-written as new evidence is discovered and made public. As much of the world's history was initially written by the victors of strife, there is always a tendency for them to minimise the negative and exaggerate the positive in their historical records, sometimes the real truth will unfortunately never be known. We try to keep our sites as close as possible to the educational requirements and beliefs of today to best benefit students in their studies. Should you find a mistake on any of our websites please let us know - If we agree, we will correct the error within days so that all users of the site can benefit from your diligence.

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